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Live the Life You Love

Why Celesty?   

Pocket money. Career money. Living - the -life - you love money!

Regardless of WHY you choose Celesty, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Superior products at a discount. Never pay full price again.
  • Earnings opportunities that meet your needs–from extra cash in your pocket to mortgage payments! 
  • Your schedule is YOURS. Work from home and make transformational income!
  • A community of people just like you who have a passion for skincare and a passion for sharing it with others.
  • A compelling compensation plan with different ways to earn.
  • Build an international team in the US, Puerto Rico and soon, MEXICO! 


You choose the kit that fits your needs. From our Business kit to get you started to our Ultimate kit that is fully loaded for you to build a remarkable, income-earning business.

Benefits of being a Beauty Associate: 

  • 50% discount on all products you order
  • 50% profit on all products you sell
  • Earn Loyalty Reward Points on all products you buy & sell
  • Eligible for Bonus Welcome Points during your first 4 months
  • Generous compensation plan
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Your Business.Your Choice.


From your bathroom counter to sharing it with a room full of friends, 

Celesty is all about making your skin–and your life–better. 

If your personal skincare addiction runs deep (ours certainly does!), then why not get your products at half price!

 If your passion is sharing why your skin looks so amazing, then there are perks and cash to be earned. Lots of both!

When you choose Celesty: 

Get your own products at a 50% discount never pay full price again!  

When you share products with friends & family, earn extra pocket money JUST FOR YOU! 

Sell More, EARN MORE!  

Build a Team. Be a LEADER! Earn transformational income! 

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